Demobit 2019




International demoscene speakers from USA/Europe
responsible for producing the worlds best
& award winning demos.

Artist performance

& Night Parties

Enjoy multiple live performances of our favourite
bands and demo-sceners on Friday and Saturday night.

About Demobit

About Demobit


The competitive, international demoparty in Slovakia that connects important personalities of IT industry, digital art and game development.

Demobit is a three days celebration of computer subculture, that includes demo premieres, tributes to demoscene veterans and speakers while enjoying concerts, parties, and the atmosphere of the outstanding futuristic venue Binarium in Bratislava. After a very successful Demobit 2017 - Resurrection and Demobit 2018 - Resonation, Demobit 2019 - Resolution is fast approaching and it will be just as exciting!


- Demobit is a historic Slovak demoscene event with more than 20 years tradition. It took place in Bratislava and Nitra. The first Demobit was organized in 1993.

- The first and second Demobit were organized by a group of enthusiastic students (Zden, Skywalker, Infi) at Bratislava high school.

- The third and the biggest Demobit party was held in Bratislava’s PKO with more than one thousand attendees (comparable to the biggest demoparty “Revision” in Germany nowadays) sponsored by the first Slovak computer and software companies.


Demobit is organized to bring the demoscene to Slovakia and to promote the local development and interaction of creative young individuals to explore and share ideas. We offer a platform for art, technology, creativity, education and fun with the right party vibe. With this atmosphere we create an environment where creative people interested in computer graphics and computers can meet, collaborate and enjoy themselves.

Program - Time Table

Day 1

February 01TH

12:00 - Doors Open

Arrival & Registration & Setup

18:30 Opening

19:00 Deadline: Music Compo

19:30 Speaker

20:30 Compo: Music

21:30 Live Act

22:00 Concert

23:00 Demo jukebox

Day 2

February 02TH

12:30 Speaker

13:00 Deadline: Graphics and Photo Compo

14:00 demoshow

14:30 Speaker

15:30 Compo: Graphics and Photo

15:30 Deadline: Wild and Animation Compo

16:00 Speaker

17:00 Compo: Wild and Animation

17:00 Deadline: PC intros, oldskool intro and 256 bytes

18:00 Speaker

19:00 Compo: PC intros, oldskool intro and 256b

20:00 Speaker

21:00 Deadline: Oldskool demo and PC demo

21:30 Concert

22:30 Compo: Oldskool demo and PC demo

23:30 Concert

Day 3

February 03TH

0:30 Free demo show

10:00 Voting deadline

12:00 Prize giving

14:00 Doors closed

Demobit - how to get to the Demobit place.

You can reach Bratislava by plane (there are two airports - one in Vienna, one in Bratislava), by train (to the Bratislava Central Railway station or ŽST Petržalka Railway station), by bus (to the Bratislava Central Bus station "Mlynské nivy") or by car.

In any case of problems, call us!
Arrival Hot-lines: +421-905-400-542 ; +421-915-736-651

Binarium - a place designed for innovation, cooperation and creativity

It provides digital companies and startups the right environment for their success.

Demobit party is organized in a beautiful venue of Binarium and its part is White Dragon Restaurant which is inspired by science fiction and contemporary pop culture.

Event and conference area has a seating capacity of up to 120 people; tasty food from various parts of the world; top espresso or filter, and high-quality Czech draft beer.

Travelling in Bratislava

You can either use Bratislava Public Transport (for journey planning see or reputable taxi services (install the iOS or Android applications HopinTaxi or Liftago which are also quite popular in Bratislava.
Taxify is also well supported in Bratislava and recommended to use.
All these mobile applications can allow you to make a price estimation for the given trip.

Bratislava has a very negative reputation of dishonest taxi drivers regularly participating in a robbery of the foreign tourists. Avoid them and prefer the reputable taxi services or Uber.

Arrival by Plane

Using Bratislava Public Transport - probably the best combination is a bus 61 from the airport "Letisko" to "Račianske mýto" and then the bus 39 to the "Televízia". For detailed information see Journey Planner from "Letisko" to "Televízia". At the airport, there is a public transport ticket machine. The traveling time is about 45 minutes, so you need to buy a 60 minutes public transport ticket for 1.20 EUR.

The more comfortable alternative is to use Taxify.

Be Aware: Never take a random taxi at the airport if you are a foreigner and do not speak the Slovak language.

Three different bus companies can help you to get you from Vienna Airport (Schwechat) to Bratislava:
1. Regiojet
2. Blaguss
3. Slovak Lines

All buses leave the Vienna airport from the same one place in 20-30 minutes intervals. Expect 4-8 EUR/person. These buses take you to "Most SNP" or the central bus station "Autobusová stanica". If it is possible, prefer the bus station "Most SNP" that is closer to the Demobit place.

To get to the Demobit place from "Most SNP" use a combination of the bus 28/30/37 to get to "La Franconi", then take the bus 31/39 to the "Televízia". You need the 30-minutes ticket for 0.70 EUR. For detailed information see Journey Planner from "Most SNP" to "Televízia".

To get to the Demobit place from the central bus station "Autobusová stanica" use a combination of the trolley bus 208 to "Kolárovo námestie", then take the bus 31/39 to the "Televízia." For detailed information see Journey Planner from "Autobusová stanica" to "Televízia".

You can still take Uber or HopinTaxi/Liftago taxi that should cost about 5 EURO.

Arrival by Train

Take the bus 93 from The Central Railway Station to "Zochova" , then the bus 31/39 to "Televízia". You need the 30 minutes ticket for 0.90 EUR. For detailed information see Journey Planner from "Hlavná stanica" to "Televízia".

Be Aware: Never take a random taxi from the central station if you are a foreigner and do not speak the Slovak language.

Take the bus 80/93/93 from "ŽST Petržalka", then the bus 31/39 to "Televízia". You need the 30 minutes ticket for 0.70 EUR. For detailed information see Journey Planner from "ŽST Petržalka" to "Televízia".

Be Aware: Never take a random taxi from the railway station if you are a foreigner and do not speak the Slovak language.

Arrival by Bus

To get to the Demobit place from the central bus station "Autobusová stanica" use a combination of the public transport according to Google maps with the final destination Binarium. For detailed information see Google maps or Journey Planner from "Autobusová stanica" to "Televízia".

Arrival by Car

Use GPS coordinates 48°09'18.2"N 17°04'26.3"E The address Staré Grunty 18, Bratislava.If you plan to use Slovak highways, you need to buy an electronic vignette

Competition Rules

The presented work should be a new, original artwork, not presented anywhere earlier before the competition (including non-demoscene events, social-media, etc.) Releases may not contain racism, pornography, deliberate offensiveness or anything downright against common sense. We are generally OK with releases that induce utter boredom to 99% of the visitors, but expect that the compo team will press ESC at some point to keep everyone awake.

- Releases should be submitted via the party network so you can supply all the relevant information for e.g. the beam slide, contact information, etc. Please supply all the files of your release packed in one .ZIP file.
- We allow remote entries in all our competitions. Submit them timely via our website.
- We will try to notify in advance when a release is defective on the compo machine. If there is adequate time, the authors can still try to fix it in time for the competition, if not, the release will be omitted.
- We will use a 1920x1080 projector, so, that will be the resolution we shall pick.
- When there are too many releases in a competition, the compo team has the right to perform a preselection by excluding remote entries and/or subjectively judging the quality of releases.
- Competitions may be canceled or combined by the compo team when deemed necessary.
- Releases for alternative platforms require proof that they work on the actual hardware. For smooth competitions the compo team would appreciate it to have a proper video capture of the release as well. The compo team can use this video to check whether the output is similar in e.g. an emulator or to show the video during the compo when that is a better option.
- All releases that partook in our competitions will be uploaded to after the party. The Demobit organisation also has the right to use (parts of) your releases for promotional purposes.
The compo team reserves the right to disqualify any entry when these rules are violated or otherwise when they deem that disqualification is necessary.
Deadlines Friday
19:00 deadline: Music Compo
Deadlines Saturday
13:00 deadline: Graphics and Photo compo
15:30 deadline: Wild and Animation
17:00 deadline: PC intros, oldskool intro and 256b
20:00 deadline: Oldskool demo, PC demo
If you are not sure whether your entry complies to the above, feel free to contact the compo team and we can assess the situation.
Remote Entries:
Use remote submit page! Deadline is 2nd of Feb 2018 12:00

Remote Entries & Jury Award Disclaimer:
You have to be present at the party to receive the artistic jury award. Otherwise you have to claim the award in Bratislava in reasonable time (1 year).

Compo team hot-line:
General Rules
PC Demo competition
- Maximum file size of the demo is 512MB.
- Maximum running time is 10 minutes (incl. loading time).
- Demo must run on the platform and OS provided in the PC Hardware section.
- Demo must be able to quit by pressing ESC.
- Demo is not allowed to write permanent files on the system.
- Web browser demos fall into this category.
Amiga Demo competition
- Maximum file size of the demo is 256MB.
- Maximum running time is 10 minutes (incl. loading time).
- The demo must run on one of the computers listed in the Amiga Hardware section.
- If you require a different setup, bring your own Amiga machine.
- Please also provide a video-recording of your production running from a real hardware (in case things go haywire)
PC Intro competition
- Maximum file size of the executable is 65536 bytes.
- Smaller sizes (4KB, 8KB, 16KB...) are welcome!
- We will clearly show the entry size on the big screen.
- Maximum running time is 10 minutes (incl. loading time).
- Intro must run on the platform and OS provided in the PC Hardware section.
- Intro must be able to quit by pressing ESC.
- Intro is not allowed to write permanent files on the system.
PC 256B Intro competition
- Maximum file size of the executable is 256 bytes.
- Maximum running time is 2 minutes (incl. loading time ;P).
- All entries are run in a vanilla DosBox 0.74. We will crank up cycles accordingly.
One Scene competition
- A demoscene newbie? No time or idea how to make a full-fledged demo? Great!
Read on:
- Just one submission per coder (programmer). Feel free to get your fellow musician & graphics artist to help! (Don’t know any? Find one at!)
- Just one single scene (it may consist of multiple “atomic” visual effects; when in doubt, think of cracktros or shaders).
- Just one minute of running time maximum.
- Just one more rule: no size limits, no platform limits, no format limits (but please bring your own hardware in case we don’t have a proper one).
Wild Demo competition
- Anything which doesn’t fit in other categories (including, but not limited to, oldschool platforms): Raspberry Pi entries, Live audio/visual/interactive performances, etc.
- Maximum running time is 10 minutes (incl. loading and stage setup time).
- Bring your own hardware! (especially if your production requires a specific fridge model)
- Please also provide a video-recording of your production running from a real hardware (in case things go haywire).
Animation / Video competition
- Non-executable music videos, pre-rendered animations of all sorts, etc.
- Maximum running time is 10 minutes.
- One competition entry per group.
- Entries will be shown with the latest VLC, so please check if your video and audio codecs are supported.
Graphics competition
- Graphics may be pixel-art, freestyle, 3D renders, etc.
- At least 3 work stages need to be provided. We shall also show them.
- Be advised that the projector resolution is max. 1080p.
- No animations allowed.
- One competition entry per artist.
- Compo team shall subjectively zoom in and out on interesting parts during the competition.
- Any file format supported by the CompoView is allowed.
Animated GIF competition
- Allowed format: GIF. Maximum file size: 2MB
- At least 3 work stages need to be provided. We won’t show them.
- Maximum running time is 1 minute. If your animation is shorter than 1 minute, we will let it loop until 1 minute of time passes.
Photo competition
- Photos may use color correction and/or slight retouching. Add the unprocessed photo as a work stage.
- Any file format supported by the CompoView is allowed.
- One competition entry per artist.
- Compo team shall zoom in and out on interesting parts during the competition.
- In case of big number of entries, Compo Team shall do preselection of photos that have an adequate artistic nature.
Streaming Music competition
- Only streaming music formats are allowed: MP3 / OGG / FLAC.
- If your entry is a chip or a tracked music, you may also provide the original file (MOD / XM /AHX / SID / ...) for distribution.
- Maximum playing time is 4:00 minutes. Longer songs will be faded out.
- One competition entry per artist.
- Entries will be played in foobar2000.
- If the number of entries submitted will be bigger than 20, the Compo Team might do preselection of the compo entries.
Animation & Individual
PC machine
Intel i7-6700K 4Ghz
GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
Windows 10 64bit
Amiga machines
Amiga 1200, KS 3.1,
Blizzard 1260 128MB RAM,
Indivision Aga Mk2

Amiga 600 + Vampire 2

We know how much of effort, skills, battle, face full of sweat required creating a demoscene production. But after that, full of love and enthusiasm, you deliver your masterpiece to the compo team waiting for a big moment until it will appear on a big screen.

We have the ready budget of 4000 EUR for competition prizes and normally we reward every production up to 5th place. We appreciate real-time/wild competitions the most. Besides that, we have some goodies from our partners.

The final positions of the contestants are selected by public voting of the participants presented at the party

* Trophies - the real artistic pieces for the best works in most respected categories.

Exclusive trophies made with love, effort, fantasy by hands of a professional artist only for the Demobit participants:

Unique artwork for PC demo and Amiga demo compo winner


Unique artwork for real-time categories


IBL Technical Jury Award

The technically most advanced and sophisticated release will be selected by Special Commision consisted of members who dedicate their professional life to coding, programming, software developing and high-technology. The award is sponsored by our valuable partner IBL Software Engineering.

The winner will gain a high-end graphics card.

Artistic Jury Award

The artistically most valuable release will be again selected by Special Artistic Commision consisted of members who commit their profession to art and design.

The winner will gain a work of art made by professional artist.
Awards & Prizes

Speakers & Concerts

Mikael Kalms

Mikael Kalms

High-performance code on Amiga 500

Which factors affect the speed of the CPU, Blitter and Copper? How do you get good results out of the chips - both separately, and as a whole? Mikael will talk about how to write high-performance code on the Amiga 500.

Mikael has been programming for the Atari ST and Amiga since 1990. Hs most notable demo scene productions include The Black Lotus' demos Perfect Circle and Silkcut.He used to work at DICE for many years. Currently, he is a co-founder of a new Swedish games startup called Fall Damage. Their first game, BATALJ, is nearing completion.

Daniel “Hellboy” Vávra

Daniel 'Hellboy' Vávra

Daniel is a Czech video game writer, director, designer and co-founder of Warhorse Studios. He is best known as the author of crime action video games Mafia and Mafia II and the medieval role-playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. He was an active scener as a member of the demogroup Broncs.


Jake 'Ferris' Taylor + Ian 'djh0ffman' Ford

Massive sound, Tiny Data - Wavesabre

First built in 2012, Wavesabre is the synth engine used in Logicoma 64k intros and a scattering of executable music entries. Ferris and Hoffman will take you through the back end extensible structure of the system, how it works with your DAW and all the way through to using it as a musician. Recommend for musicians and coders.


noby (Roope Mäkinen)

Deconstructing Demomaking, Part I: Advice for the Young and Old Scener

This talk is an attempt in trying to apply ideas from critical theory to the art of demomaking, and to examine and advance the formalization of our parlance and vocabularies. Through these means hopefully, achieve a more coherent picture of how we both view and create demoscene productions.

Roope Mäkinen is a multi-disciplinary artist working primarily within the cross-section of visual and audio, most often using the code as their tool of choice. In the demoscene context, they work as a creative force behind labels such as Epoch and Prismbeings.


Sebastian M. Kotek

Retrofit gear PCB designing

Artist’s Performance


Logicoma:Ferris & Wobble & djh0ffman

Logicoma grew out of tiny music collaborations between ferris (Norway/US) and h0ffman (UK) in 2013. Through working on one of the scene's most powerful 64k synths WaveSabre and using executable music competitions as sort of a training ground for making massive sounds in small space, the duo's projects finally culminated in the group's first 64k release, backscatter, at Solskogen 2015. As the group was not yet formalized, the duo needed a name for their new group, and ultimately settled on Logicoma. The name is an homage to the Ghost in the Shell universe, where Logicoma is short for Logistics Conveyor Machine, a multi-legged robotic tank weapon. In 2016 the group gained wobble (Norway), a talented EDM powerhouse who was immediately right at home in the group's hard-hitting style and heavily collaborative structure. The trio released another 64k, elysian, at TRSAC that year, and almost overnight became a well-recognized and established 64k group. In 2017 they enlisted Darth Shader (Norway) to round off the group's tool building capabilities, and released Engage, another 64k, at Revision, further proving that Logicoma was a force to be reckoned with and here to stay.

Jan Sicko & Pjoni - Horizont

Jan Sicko & Pjoni - Horizont

Jonatán Pastirčák is a producer and musician focused on experiments in electronic music. Under his artistic aliases Pjoni and Isama Zing. Pastirčák gained a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Audio Engineering and Music Production at the SAE Institute London (2012–2014), and has recently launched his new solo project Isama Zing. Ján Šicko is a graphic designer, multimedia artists and educator.

In collaboration with Ján Šicko prepared the original audio-visual project Horizont. He leads MediaLab, a space for exploring the boundaries of graphic design. He was awarded by the National Award for Design 2003, as well as Europe’s Best in Multimedia: Europrix 2002. In 2009 Šicko founded the creative laboratory DevKid.


Tickets available!

Due to the limited capacity, the number of all tickets is strictly limited (200), please buy them as soon as possible.

The following tickets are in sale:

Student ticket (requires the valid EURO26/ISIC document) - 16 €

Regular normal ticket- 32 €

Supporter ticket - 64 €

The ticket includes:

entrance to the party place

voting token

demobit merch present

coffee or tea


Payments in Bitcoins are also appreciated. If you want to pay for your Demobit ticket in bitcoins, send them to 1DB2o19tZZ5TqiEkoQs4YZWkYyrPhS2ZHg and then immediately send your payment ID with your name to

The ticket is valid for all days of Demobit party.

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Who is Coming

27 visitors are registered
otis / SinDiKAT
Santa / TRSi^RBBS and stuff
Argasek / Aberration Creations
ern0 / MCB^1GD^SB^ABS!
suhanc / Digital Dynamite
Czech Republic
Teo / Focus Design ^ Rebels
Ayatollah / TRSi ^ FairLight
raist / clrsrc
Czech Republic
Busy / SinDiKAT
Kalms / TBL
Citrus / Aberration Creations
Caiwan / Industricia Revolucija
hill / hildesign
Sir Garbagetruck / Accession/Scenesat/RBBS/Pr0ce$s 1541
diskrim / diskrim
Zden / Satori
Blue Zone / Immortal Coil
Adok / Hugi
AceMan / ManyGroups
natalia / Demobit team
noby / prismbeings
Laila / Free Soul
Nelo / Satori
bon / =( hysteria )-- retro
Matwe / Pohoda
FRaNKy / RBBS / ACC / DSS / SDS / BaaS
ikon / SinDiKAT

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Demobit confirmed its position as a place where a domestic audience highly appreciates an international competition of this kind and foreign visitors enjoy meetings with the community in a special central European atmosphere.

Demobit Resonation 2018 validated the meaning of organizing this winter demoscene meetup in Bratislava - full capacity, the number of competitive releases, music program, relaxed entertainment, socialization and finally, the great feedback which we received during and after the event.

Smash/Fairlight – Using VR for live events, music industry and demoscene

Pandur/Holon – Introduction to

Gargaj/Conspiracy – Expanding a 64k Intro into virtual reality

Raist/clrsrc – Video Mapping (in Czech language)

Řrřola – Magic of 256 -byte x86 intros – part 2

Goto80 – Chip music

Live Acts:
Goto80 + VJ Zden live act

Ronny Pries + VJ Pandur live act

Opening ceremony with stand-up comedian Jano Gordulic

Prizegiving ceremony

The whole party stream



Artistic Jury

Pavol Bálik – professional assistant at the Department of Visual Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava

Erik Binder – Slovak painter and sculptor, studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and in Prague

Ivana Šáteková – Slovak painter, studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and puppetry set design Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava

Painting by Erik Šille.

Main competitions winners trophies by Filip Šicko:
PC Demo winner + Intros winners and PC Demo 2nd place


Demobit has gone through its specific development, it has always connected important personalities of the domestic and international scene. It has been historically a cradle for top coders, game developers, digital artists, graphicians, DJ and VJ artists.

The comeback happened again on 27th – 29th of January 2017, after almost 20 years! =>

Nonetheless, many of them remember the ‘golden age’ of 90’s, since then the demoscene has moved forward, no doubts.

Demobit was the first event in the complete new premises of digital sanctuary - BINARIUM Tech Hub and its part is also the futurist restaurant White Dragon. The capacity for 200 people was full and the community came from Hungary, Norway, Finland, Poland, Portugal, Netherlands, Austria, Czechia, Spain.

See the results and prods:

We are proud of seminars provided:

Daniel ‘Redox’ Sykora – Helping Charming Hand-Drawn to Survive in Cruel CG

Kostas ‘Navis’ Pataridis - Now and Then: Life in the Big ASD Machine

Filipe ‘PS’ Cruz – Demoscene and Netaudio

Michal ‘Kiero’ Wozniak – Making ‘high-end’ Amiga Demo

Jan ‘Řrřola’ Kadlec – Magic of 256 Bytes x86 Intros

The whole program on Demobit party channel:

Artistic Jury

We created a concept of the most artistic release selected by special jury consisted of the members who dedicate their profession to art & design - Artistic Jury Award. The first Artistic Jury consisted of:

Maria Rišková
– Director of Slovak Centre of Design

Maroš Brojo
– Artistic Director of International Animation Festival Fest Anča

Matej Fandl
– Interactive Graphic Programmer

Artistic Jury Award was received Filipe ‘PS’ Cruz for his poetic and interactive demo There is, in Cyberspace.

The statue was created by renowned artist Ašot Haas from the collection the Resonance of Sound.


Main Partners

Media partners

Tech partners